Business Services in Puerto Rico – FAQ


The Puerto Rico State Department ( handles all matters relating to corporations doing business on the island. Corporations that were organized under the laws of other U.S. states and jurisdictions, or under the laws of foreign countries, must file documents with the Registry of Corporations at the State Department in order to be authorized to operate and do business in Puerto Rico. The documents that must be filed are listed below:

  • A certificate of corporate good standing or a certificate of existence (
  • Name and address of the authorized agent on the island
  • Sworn statement declaring assets and liabilities
  • The objective or purpose of the corporation in Puerto Rico
  • Names and business addresses of current directors

All of the information above can be provided by filing the form locate at

For additional information, please visit

How do I obtain information about establishing a business in Puerto Rico?

The Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) handles business promotion in Puerto Rico. For information, please visit the PRIDCO website at

How do I obtain information about industrial tax incentives in Puerto Rico?

For related information visit the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) at

How do I obtain tax documents from Puerto Rico?

The Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury handles all tax issues.

The following forms are available online at:

For additional information, please visit

How can the following professionals be certified to practice in Puerto Rico?

Health Professionals

The Puerto Rico Department of Health ( handles the certification of all health professionals, including nurses, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, undertakers, etc. To obtain more information contact The Office of Regulation and Certification of Health Professionals at (787) 723-2885 or 725-7506, (787) 725-8161 or (787) 725-8121.  For the certification of medical doctors, contact the Court of Medical Examiner at (787) 782-8989, (787) 782-8937 or (787) 782-8949.


The General Court of Justice ( operates the Board of Examiners that administers the bar exam and enforces all other requirements for the practice of law in Puerto Rico. For more information contact the Board at (787) 725-5030.


The Puerto Rico Department of Education ( handles the certification of teachers for both private and public schools on the island. To obtain more information call the Department of Education, Division of Certifications and Professional Development at (787) 759-2000 Ext. 4299, 2399, 4390 or 3999.


Most of the other professionals who require accreditation are handled by the Puerto Rico Department of State (

To obtain information visit or contact the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Examining Boards at (786) 722-2122.

For further assistance,  please press on the following link:


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