Considering buying and shipping a Tesla to Puerto Rico? Consider this…


As you may know by now, to bring a vehicle to Puerto Rico may cost you up to 40% in excise taxes plus the shipping costs. Purchasing a new car here is more expensive because importers pass that 40% tax to consumers. Tesla are tax exempt and are fast becoming the new car of choice for those moving to Puerto Rico to benefit from Act 20/22 Tax Incentives Laws, specifically those moving to Dorado Beach.

Here are some things you need to know:

Once the car has arrived in Puerto Rico you will need to go the shipping company to pick up appraisal document. Take that document to the Excise Tax Office and they will provide you with a letter the vehicle has been determined tax exempt. For this you will need to bring the vehicle spec sheet. After you get the letter, they will give you Declaration of Import which will indicate you only need to pay a total of $46.17 for 3 day liability insurance and tire recycle fee. Once you pay, you can pick up your vehicle at your shipping company.

Excise Tax Office

Puerto Rico Treasury Department

Edificio Intendente Ramírez 10 Paseo Covadonga San Juan, 00901 787-724-5990

Please remember to keep all original documents, receipts and copy of release.

Registering your new Tesla:

If you purchased a Tesla and paid cash for it, you will need to bring original bill of sale and original title in your name. If, on the other hand the Tesla was financed, you will need to bring Certificate of Origin and an original letter from your bank authorizing you to import the vehicle to Puerto Rico.

You will not be able to register your vehicle in Puerto Rico without these documents.

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