Does Puerto Rico transfer motorcycle endorsements from your out-of-state license?


Effective 2014, all U.S. States have full reciprocity agreements with Puerto Rico. This means, U.S. applicants are not required to take the written or road test exams unless the current driver’s license is expired. Non U.S. residents will be required to take both, the written and road tests.

What about your motorcycle endorsement?

We spoke personally to Geronimo Vazquez Ferrer, Executive Director of the CESCO’s (service centers for motor vehicle drivers) and Motorcycle Examiner, Ramon Hernandez, who both confirmed licenses from out-of-state with motorcyle endorments M-1 and M-2 should transfer simultaneously with your driver’s license reciprocity. Mr. Vazquez indicated proof of passing a safety course may be required, specifically and MSF Ridercourse card but many new residents do not have this card. In some cases, the card has been submitted but still representatives from the Department of Motor Vehicles have denied the transfer of the motorcyle endorsements. To this date, many new residents have not been able to transfer their motorcyle endorsements to their new Puerto Rico driver’s license.

If you intend to drive your motorcyle in Puerto Rico we strongly suggest you request a new motorcyle license. Here are the requirements:

-Applicant must be at least 18 years old

-Application form (

-Two 2 x 2 headshot photos

-Certification of No Fines Department of Motor Vehicles. You may obtain by opening an online account here:

-Two Vochers 2024 of $10.00 each. Vouchers can be purchased at any collection center of the PR Treasury Department, for a list press here:

-Copy of driver’s license

-Motorcycle registration / license

-You must pass a written exam regarding motorcycle laws and safety,

-You must pass a road test and bring your bike with all the safety equipment as required.

Where to go:

Poligono de Toa Baja

Via Arco Iris

Sabana Seca Avenue

Toa Baja, Puerto Rico 00949

Between Dorado and Bayamon

7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.





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