How to obtain a driver’s license in Puerto Rico


If you relocated to Puerto Rico to benefit from the Act 20-22 laws, you must obtain the local license immediately after signing a lease contract or purchasing a property. Be sure to bring the license from your state of origin as you will be required to surrender it in order to obtain the local permit.

Effective 2014, all U.S. States have full reciprocity agreements with Puerto Rico. This means, U.S. applicants will not be required to take the written or road test exam unless the current driver’s license is expired. Non U.S. residents will be required to take both, the written and road tests.

Here is a list of documents you will need to get a driver’s license in Puerto Rico:

-Original Social Security Card (cannot be laminated)

-Original Birth Certificate or Passport

Note, the name on your license will be the same as the identity document provided (Birth Certificate or Passport)

-Proof of Address (most recent utility bill, lease contract or deed)

-VISA or Green Card, if applicable.

-Employment verification letter for work VISA.

Puerto Rico Driver’s License Format: The REAL ID from Homeland Security came into effect in Puerto Rico in April 2016 but in order to get a REAL ID, applicants must do all steps personally as it is not transferable, much like Social Security. We only have 6 Real ID machines in Puerto Rico so the waiting time is extremely high. Real ID machines are available at CESCO centers of Carolina, Arecibo, Aguadilla, Ponce, Guayama and Humacao. For additional information, press on the following link:

The only driver’s license that can be expedited is one that reads “Not for Real Id Purposes”. This version, as well as previous formats, is valid to drive, travel and rent a car. However, after 2020 Homeland Security will require everyone in all 50 states and territories to travel with their passport, even for domestic flights. We suggest you request a passport card to be used for domestic flights as there is still some confusion out there with this change. You may also request a Global Entry Card.

For information regarding Real ID in Puerto Rico, press link: For information regarding Homeland Security Real ID,

For information regarding the passport card,

For information regarding Global Entry card,

For more information, visit

For expedite service, visit


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