How to renew your vehicle’s sticker or marbete


The marbete is the sticker that all vehicles need to have in order to operate legally on Puerto Rico roads. It has to be renewed every year and it costs $85.00 plus $99.00 for insurance.

Since the enactment of Law 253 of 1995, better known as the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Act, vehicle owners in Puerto Rico are required by law to obtain auto liability insurance coverage every year. Unless otherwise indicated by the owner, the Treasury Department will collect the $99.00 for the compulsory liability insurance when renewing the sticker or marbete. If you have private insurance, ask your agent for a certification and the Puerto Rico Department of Motor Vehicles will waive the $99.00.

Here are the steps in renewing your marbete:

1) Get your new vehicle license/renewal notice.

The Puerto Rico Department of Motor Vehicles should send renewal notices every year by mail. If you have not received a renewal notice or new vehicle license at least 45 days prior to the expiration date on your sticker, you may print it by pressing on the following link: Please print both pages.

2) Take your vehicle along with both copies of the renewal notice to an inspection center in an authorized gas station. They will provide you with an inspection certificate for $11.00. Here’s the list of authorized inspection centers,

3) You may purchase your marbete sticker at the Inspection Center or any bank. You must provide Certificate of Insurance to avoid the compulsory liability insurance charge of $99.00. You will pay $40.00 for annual rights, $35.00 for driver’s insurance (ACCA), $10.00 renovation fee.

Please note, if you have outstanding tickets, you will have to pay them in order to renew. Tickets and fines collect surcharges and interests. We suggest you open an account online here to keep track of them:

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