John Walker & Sons Voyager Visits Puerto Rico


The John Walker & Sons Voyager anchored in Puerto Rico last February, following a universal journey that began in 2013 inspired by the actual sea path that led Johnnie Walker whiskey from Scotland around the world during the 19th century.

The John Walker & Sons Voyager is a stunning 183-foot luxury vessel built in the 1920’s with two distinctive rooms – the Master of Whiskies Lounge on the upper deck, where guests have the opportunity to participate in a series of luxury mentoring sessions regarding the history of the brand; and the Keep Walking Lounge on the lower deck where guests can gain insight into how Johnnie Walker has travelled from Scotland to the four corners of the world.

At each destination, the Voyager plays host to a series of high-profile Johnnie Walker Blue Label events and experiences that will celebrate each port’s own story of progress and innovation and recognizes local game changers who embody the pioneering spirit and vision of the Walker family. Raising a glass to those who have faced their own personal odyssey and carved new paths for those around them, Voyager brings together the region’s most important influencers to engage a new generation of whisky drinkers and luxury aficionados in a world of quality craftsmanship, heritage and modern innovation.  In Puerto Rico economist Miguel A. Soto-Class and Dr. Raul Garcia Rinaldi were both awarded as Game Changers under the Johnnie Walker Blue Label as they both have made great strides and overcome obstacles that have hindered many people to excel in their field of expertise.

Among the many events that took place in Puerto Rico was a fundraiser to help benefit the Art Museum of Puerto Rico where guests enjoyed the music of Humberto Ramirez Jazz Quartet and unique cocktails by expert mixologists Jaders Calcaño, Berdecia and Roberto Javier Rojas,  prepared with Platinum Label Reserve, Gold Label and deluxe-Walker House. The guests also enjoyed a whiskey tasting event that took place in the Masters of Whiskey Lounge hosted by John Walker & Sons Global Ambassador, Tom Jones.

John Walker & Sons Voyager has now embarked on its European tour and will this summer visit Genoa, Cannes, Monaco, Athens, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Hamburg and Copenhagen, before finally docking in Edinburgh in August.


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