How to ship your vehicle from Puerto Rico


Here’s a list of documents needed to export you car from Puerto Rico:

-Original registration Puerto Rico Department of Motor Vehicles

-Original Title

-Certificate of No Lien ACCA Insurance (Driver’s Insurance), dated 20 days prior to shipping date.

ACCA Central Office
249 Arterial Hostos Avenue
Corner of Chardon Avenue
Hato Rey, PR

ACAA Humacao
Plaza 2000
Jardines de Humacao Ruta 924
PO Box 491
Humacao, PR 00792-0491
(787) 850-8877

ACAA Arecibo
Avenida San Luis #358 Esquina
Calle Ana Lens Susoni
PO Box 140849
Arecibo, PR 00614-0849
(787) 878-4600

-Certificate of No Fines Puerto Rico Department of Motor Vehicles, dated no more than 3 days prior to shipping date. This certificate must include a $11.00 internal revenue stamp plus $2.00 internal revenue voucher code 842.
For list of CESCO’S and collection centers press here:

-$10.00 Internal Revenue Voucher for export
For list of collection centers, press here:

-Sworn Statement. Your shipping company may require you to submit a sworn statement authorizing them to ship the car, please ask them for the form and other requirements.

-Police Inspection Certificate from Stolen Vehicle Division, PR Police Department. Must be done after you get all documents above as you will be require to provide them with a complete set of copies of all the documents listed above.

División de Vehículos Hurtados de la Policía de Puerto Rico Metro
Calle Cerra #900
Parada 15
Avenida Fernández Juncos
Santurce, PR 00908
(787) 725-1690 / (787) 725-3332

Division Vehiculos Hurtados Bayamon
Expro Río Hondo
Cataño 00962
Puerto Rico

Division de Vehiculos Hurtados Mayaguez
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico  
(787) 832-7362

-Export car wash receipt. Note, motor, tires and bottom of vehicle must be completely pressure washed, the receipt must show this. Make sure vendor knows wash is for export.

CF Lavado de Carros

Mestre Car Care
939-777-0880 or 1-800-593-1514

787-975-4545 / 5510 

The shipping company will require your social security or a temporary EIN which you may request by pressing here:

Suggestions of vehicle shipping companies:

Crowley, Puerto Rico

Tote Maritime

Quote Request

Trailer Bridge

Vehicle Shipping

La Rosa del Monte

For expedite services, visit


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