Shipping and registering your car in Puerto Rico



So you are relocating to Puerto Rico and decided to ship your car. Once your vehicle arrives at the shipping company in Puerto Rico you have five days to pay taxes, pick up your car and register it at the Puerto Rico Department of Motor Vehicles without incurring in additional charges. Here are the steps:

1. Determine Excise Tax Amount:

All vehicles imported to Puerto Rico must pay excise tax.

The most effective form to obtain an estimate for this tax is by using the VIN which can be found on your vehicle’s license. To determine estimated amount, enter the vehicle’s data here: here:

2. Pick-up tax appraisal:

You will receive an arrival notice from your shipping company indicating the vehicle is ready for pick-up. Go to your shipping company and pick-up appraisal form.

3. Pay excise Tax:

Take tax appraisal form to a Collection Center of the Treasury Department to pay excise tax. We suggest you go to the one on the first floor of the Treasury Department in Old San Juan.

PR Treasury Department – Central Offices 10 Paseo Covadonga Intendente Ramírez Building Old San Juan 787-723-4335

Please note you will need to add approximately $37.00 for 3 day Driver’s Insurance (ACCA) and approximately $8.00 for recycling tire fee.

You may pay tax with VISA, M/C or a Manager’s Check to: Secretario de Hacienda de PR

4. Obtain vehicle release:

Take all documents and receipts to the Excise Tax Office located on the third floor of the Treasury Department. They will give you the vehicle release.

4. Pick-up your vehicle:

Take all documents back to the shipping company. Make sure to keep all original receipts and copy of the release.

5. Inspect your vehicle:

Take your vehicle to an inspection center in an authorized gas station. They will provide you with an inspection certificate for $11.00. Here’s the list of authorized inspection centers,

6. Register you vehicle:

Register you vehicle at Puerto Rico Department of Motor Vehicles. Registering your car in Puerto Rico may cost up to $300.00. This includes annual rights, Driver’s insurance (ACCA), renovation fee, compulsory liability insurance, title, tags and internal revenue stamps. Here’s a list of documents needed:

-Vehicle’s original title in your name

-Copy of Driver’s license

-Copy of Social Security Card

-Proof of address (most recent utility bill, lease contract or deed)

-All original receipts payment of excise taxes

-Copy of vehicle release

Take all documents to the nearest CESCO (Center for Driver’s Services), for locations press here: For more information press on the following link, or visit


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