The Local Expat: Diane


What is it like to live in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico Luxury interviews expats that have moved to Puerto Rico in recent years.  Learn what motivated them to move here, how they live and how they have managed to adapt to the change.  If you are considering the move yourself, learn from their observations and experiences in Puerto Rico, a place they now call home.

Meet Diane from California who relocated to Dorado, P.R.

How long have lived in Puerto Rico?

Diane:  2. 5 years

How many people moved to Puerto Rico with you?

Diane:  Me + 1

What did you know about Puerto Rico before coming here?

Diane:  That it was a U. S. Territory, an island in the Tropics and had debt problems.

What where you most anxious about when moving here?

Diane:  Not knowing anybody or understanding the language.

How did that perspective change?

Diane:  The people we’ve gotten to know here are friendly and welcoming.

Do you think Puerto Rico gets a bad rap in the press?

Diane:  Yes, all the time.

What surprised you the most about Puerto Rico once you got here?

Diane:  How friendly and warm the people are.

What are the biggest adjustments you had to make when settling into expat life in Puerto Rico?

Diane:  Getting used to the weather, so hot and humid compare to Lake Tahoe!

Do you have children in school in Puerto Rico?

Diane:  No.

How do you rate services in Puerto Rico (1-10)?

Diane:  6

What areas do you think need most improvement?

Diane:  Wait times in doctor’s offices, a culture of innovation and good service.

Has it been easy for you to meet new people?

Diane:  When we make a conscious effort to mingle, yes, it’s fairly easy.

How do you feel Puerto Ricans treat foreigners?

Diane:  They treat us well, very open minded.

What is your favorite thing to do in Puerto Rico?

Diane:  Drive the mountain backroads!

What is your favorite place in Puerto Rico?

Diane:  La Ruta Panorómica

What is your favorite restaurant?

Diane:  Casa Cortés

Are you learning Spanish?

Diane:  Un poco.

What is the word in Spanish most often used by you?

Diane:  No entiendo.

What makes Puerto Rico special / what do you enjoy most?

Diane:  That people say buen día in the morning and buen provecho when they pass your table.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about relocating to Puerto Rico?


1.  Come visit first for a month at least, to try it on.

2. Rent before you buy.

3. Bring patience and be prepared to go with the flow.


La Ruta Panorámica (Scenic Route), officially Ruta Panorámica Luis Muñoz Marín is a 167 mile network of small roads that cross the central mountain range of Puerto Rico, La Cordillera Central, from West to East.  Map:

Casa Cortés, Old San Juan,


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