The Local Expat: Yancy


What is it like to live in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico Luxury interviews expats that have moved to Puerto Rico in recent years.  Learn what motivated them to move here, how they live and how they have managed to adapt to the change.  If you are considering the move yourself, learn from their observations and experiences in Puerto Rico, a place they now call home.

Meet Yancy from Seattle, Washington who relocated to Ocean Park, San Juan.

How long have lived in Puerto Rico?

Yancy:  4 years

How many people moved to Puerto Rico with you?

Yancy:  Just myself initially but my sister, husband, and their 4 kids followed with my mom soon after.

What did you know about Puerto Rico before coming here?

Yancy:  I came here on vacation several times then came for a 2 month sabbatical prior to moving here. I learned about its amazing beaches, warm water, and great people. I believed it would be a great location to build a health and wellness retreat company and made the decision to relocate her.

What where you most anxious about when moving here?

Yancy:  Starting a new business without the same connections and understanding of how things work as I did in Seattle.

How did that perspective change?

Yancy:  Getting things done here is all about relationships. You need to keep calm regardless of how long something takes or senseless the process is, focus on the person you are working with, get to know them and their history, then suddenly whatever it is you needed suddenly gets done.

Do you think Puerto Rico gets a bad rap in the press?

Yancy:  Absolutely, Puerto Rico could benefit from some better publicity

What surprised you the most about Puerto Rico once you got here?

Yancy:  How much I appreciated the weather compared to Seattle… great mood enhancement

What are the biggest adjustments you had to make when settling into expat life in Puerto Rico?

Yancy:  I came here to slow down, enjoy life more, and create a business that would improve my life and the lives of others. I now get to do the work I love until 3pm then run half a block to the beach and kiteboard when it’s windy. By prioritizing time to play I find I get more done in less time and really appreciate where I live.

How do you rate services in Puerto Rico (1-10)?

Yancy:  Compared to what?

What areas do you think need most improvement?

Yancy:  The attitude of reckless entitlement that pervades this culture… And the driving, I would love to see some simple enforcement of basic traffic laws.

Has it been easy for you to meet new people?

Yancy:  Yes, although I have lived many other places in the World. I find Puerto Rican’s to be very personable, educated, and interested in why someone like myself has moved here.

How do you feel Puerto Rican’s treat foreigners?

Yancy:  Great, very friendly although it’s not always genuine.

What is your favorite thing to do in Puerto Rico?

Yancy:  My favorite thing is to kiteboard / kitesurf when it’s windy

What is your favorite place in Puerto Rico?

Yancy:  I love the ocean, both the Atlantic and Caribbean. Too many special places to list here but the diversity of the islands beaches are amazing. San Juan has one of the most amazing beaches for being in a city, that’s why I decided to live in Ocean Park.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Yancy:  La Jaquita Baya, it’s great farm to table, healthier Puerto Rican food.

Are you learning Spanish?

Yancy:  Sí, yo hablo espanol

What is the word in Spanish most often used by you?

Gracias, pero,  “todo bien”,  también

What advice would you give to someone thinking about relocating to Puerto Rico?

1).  Do not come here expecting it to be like wherever you are from. Set your expectations low and it will surprise you. Some things will be better and  others won’t. Perspective is everything

2.  Visit several times before making the decision

3.  If you come here because you love the weather and beaches like I did, be sure to locate yourself close to the beach so you can live that lifestyle.

La Jaquita Baya, 801 Avenida Fernández Juncos, San Juan, P. R. 00907,  787-993-5359


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